Gambling Superstitions From Around The World

Gambling and superstition always come together. It is understandable: when huge amounts are at stake, one would look for any signs in search of the right answer. Gambling at a casino or online gambling both have virtually the same superstitions shared by players from around the world. However, there is no denying the fact that some nations are less and some are more superstitious. Let us examine gambling superstitions of players of different geographic and cultural inheritance.


Chinese people, as a highly superstitious nation, would serve as a very bright example to represent asian gambling superstitions. Strangely enough, they do not shy away from gambling despite their conservative and pragmatic nature. Macau is a Chinese Las Vegas with lots of superstitions inhabiting Chinese gamblers’ heads. Here are some of them.

Gambling Superstitions From Around The World

  1. Red color. Red is believed to be a lucky color. It is associated with wealth and well-being, as well as with good money. Therefore, Chinese wear red when gambling. They believe even an underwear of red color can work miracles.
  2. Numbers. Chinese are very superstitious when it comes to numbers. When renting a room in a gambling hotel, they will avoid rooms with 4s because in Mandarin and Cantonese Chinese, four (“si”) sounds exactly the same as the word “to die.” Instead, they lean on 3s, 6s, and 8s to bring them luck.
  3. In China, gamblers are unforgiving to those who say they read books or touch their shoulders when gambling. What is wrong with books, you might ask. Well, the chinese word for book (“shu”) sounds exactly like another “shu” – to lose.

Western World

In the United States and other Anglo-Saxon countries, gamblers are pretty superstitious as well. One of the first superstitions that casino managers have to observe is the reluctance of many visitors to enter through the main entrance, because it is considered a bad luck. They would rather climb in through the windows, so strong is this superstition. The majority of casinos do not have $50 bills because they are also claimed to bring bad luck. Also, it is not recommended to cross one’s legs when playing. As the saying goes, “Don’t cross your legs while playing or you will cross out your good luck.” Virtually all people have some kinds of superstitions, which they may not even know of. When it comes to harsh gambling terms, the prevailing fear and uncertainty pushes players to go with the signs. Things like what you wear, how you enter the casino, and even whether you have had sex before the game do matter.

Gambling Superstitions From Around The World

For gamblers in casinos and online gamblers these superstitions are unwritten codes of conduct when it comes to playing high. Sticking to those rules does not merely imply avoiding bad luck but also respecting the beliefs of other players. Whether or not these prejudices are truly helpful – no one can tell.

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